You’re Crazy If You Buy a Wedding Ring Online!

Who in their right mind would buy a wedding ring online? After all, shouldn’t you see your ring in person, try it on, and then put your trust in your local jeweler to make sure that it fits correctly and that you get the ring in time for your wedding?


Anyone who thinks this way has clearly not enjoyed the merits of shopping online.

Here are the top 5 reasons to buy your rings from

  1. If you don’t like the look of the ring after you see it in person, just return the ring and we’ll refund your money.
  2. If the ring doesn’t fit, we will either resize the ring or send you a replacement immediately. And just in case we can’t get the exact same ring back to you in time for your wedding, we will overnight a temporary band for you to wear at your wedding.
  3. Most of our rings are in stock and can be delivered to just about anywhere in the world within 1-4 days. And for the rings that we don’t stock, they take 4 days to produce and then 1-4 days delivery time to you.
  4. We offer a line of Guaranteed for Life wedding rings. If any of these rings becomes overly scratched, chipped, bent, cracked or discolored, we will replace it absolutely free of charge. If the ring no longer fits like the day you purchased it, we will replace it free of charge. And if you lose your ring or it gets stolen, we will also replace it free of charge.
  5. If for any reason you’re unhappy with your purchase, just return it within 30 days and we will refund your money.


And finally, our ring prices are anywhere from 25-100+ percent lower than jewelry stores. How can we afford to sell at prices so much lower than the well-known bricks and mortar stores? Our overhead is a fraction of the big box guys. Yet, we offer the same high quality rings and in many cases our rings are superior to the big name stores.


Still not convinced? Give us a call (347-770-7718). We love to speak with people and will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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