Considering a tungsten wedding ring? Find out what it says about you!

Tungsten wedding rings are fast becoming a hugely popular choice for couples looking for striking, contemporary and durable wedding rings. But being relatively new, many couples are discovering tungsten (or tungsten carbide if you want to be a bit geeky) for the first time when they go shopping for wedding bands. So we’ve put together our ideas of the type of person that tungsten is ideal for!

So who would choose a tungsten wedding ring?

Here at, we love hypothesizing about which rings suit which couple, and which type of customers prefer particular wedding ring styles, metals or finishes. If you’re considering a tungsten wedding band, we’d love to hear about whether you fit our vision!

  • Young or just building your nest – tungsten is a hugely popular choice because it is more affordable than many of the metals used for wedding rings. This means that younger couples, or those saving hard, can afford a beautiful set of wedding bands that look expensive but are surprisingly affordable.
  • Traditional values – there is something enormously romantic about choosing scratch-resistant, high-shine wedding rings, as tungsten metal offers. You may see your union as impervious to the hard knocks of day-to-day living, never bending out of shape and shining through whatever life throws at you. We love that!
  • Chic yet edgy – tungsten can also be made available with a brushed finish, or even black-coated, making it an ideal choice for any couple wishing to express their individuality and contemporary style. Maybe you’re in a band, in fashion or are artistic in some way!
  • Hardworking – tungsten wedding bands are popular with wearers who work with their hands, because of the scratch-resistant and durable properties. Perhaps you work in catering or construction, or work outdoors somehow.
  • Smart, maybe scientific – According to Wikipedia, part of tungsten’s rise to fame in the bridal jewelry is due to its ‘technical nature’. So perhaps if you’re buying a tungsten wedding band, you’re into science, geography, engineering or even geology!

At WeddingRings.Net, we have loads of tungsten wedding rings, so diverse that you’re sure to find your perfect choice! Like the high-shine, traditional elegant band? We have domed, slight-domed, flat, flat-edged, beveled-edged, 2mm to 8mm, whichever you prefer; our classic 8mm flat wedding ring is our most popular men’s band, whilst our 2mm high polished flat surfaced ring is a firm favorite for ladies and even gents with larger fingers for whom a chunky band is often uncomfortable. Prefer a contemporary finish? Try our high-shine and brushed middle 4mm ring for a contrasting finish.

Our tungsten wedding bands range from just $100 to $200, so browse our selection and see just how affordable your matching tungsten wedding rings can be.

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