Wedding Rings That Personal Trainers and Gym Goers Can Wear

When you visit most gyms and look at the fingers of the members, you will notice that many do not wear their wedding rings (even though they are married). Is this because they’re looking to hook up with other members?

I’ve seen plenty of guys work the gym like a singles convention. However, there is another reason why many people do not wear their wedding rings when they go to the gym. They’re afraid that their rings will get scratched and possibly even nicked or dented. This is an understandable concern for rings made out of some materials including gold, platinum and titanium. However, there are some great looking wedding rings that gym goes can wear without any fear of damage to the rings.

Wedding rings made out of cobalt or tungsten are perfect for people who go to the gym on a regular basis, personal trainers, and anyone who works with their hands on a regular basis and is exposed to elements that can scratch or damage a ring. One of the top reasons to buy cobalt or tungsten wedding rings is that they can take just about any kind of abuse and show no signs of wear and tear. Both can be subjected to rough surfaces on a regular basis and still look just like the day that they were purchased.

There are many designs of tungsten and cobalt wedding rings that incorporate diamonds into their designs. Would you feel insecure about wearing a diamond ring to the gym? Don’t. Diamonds in these types of rings set in a recessed manner so that the tops do not protrude past the surface of the ring. The diamonds are also very well anchored and adhered to the settings so that they won’t drop out. Still concerned that the diamonds may get damaged? Remember that diamonds are one of the hardest substances on Earth. They won’t get scratched even with regular wear to the gym.

Here are a few examples of cobalt and tungsten rings that we think would look great on people who like to workout and for personal trainers.

If you decide to buy either of the two tungsten wedding rings we show below before January 31st, you can buy one and get the 2nd free!

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