It makes me incredibly happy to see that some customers buy gold wedding rings from us that I think are incredibly beautiful, but very often overlooked. I think that one of the problems that people face when browsing our site is that they become overwhelmed with the number of choices. Then again, maybe they are looking for something that speaks to them personally and if they don’t see anything right away, they leave.

So I wanted to include a few our gold wedding rings rings here that people have purchased over the last 12 months, and some that people haven’t, that I think deserve some special consideration because they truly are beautiful rings and we offer these rings are far below what others charge for them.

This blog will showcase a batch of gold wedding rings with a “sand blast” finish. Sand is actually added to gold to give the surface of the ring a bit of a rough and raised look to it. When you rub your finger over the surface, you can actually feel the sand. Of course, because it’s incorporated into the gold, you don’t have to worry about the sand ever disappearing.

The sand gives an additional sparkle to the surface almost as if many very tiny diamonds have been added to the ring. This effect makes for a very eye catching ring that will surely grab a lot of attention.

You can browse our gold wedding rings section here and if you are looking for truly unique rings, please make sure to visit this section.