6:29 pm May 5, 2014

Rock Your Big Day Like Katherine Kelly

2017-05-17T14:02:42+00:00May 5, 2014|

We were delighted to see that it’s not just us normal people that feel the pressures of weddings, as British actress Katherine Kelly got married to her Australian sweetheart, Ryan Clark, in a secret Las Vegas wedding.


6:22 pm May 5, 2014

Considering a tungsten wedding ring? Find out what it says about you!

2018-02-10T15:01:43+00:00May 5, 2014|

Tungsten wedding rings are fast becoming a hugely popular choice for couples looking for striking, contemporary and durable wedding rings. But being relatively new, many couples are discovering tungsten (or tungsten carbide if you want to be a bit geeky) for the first time when they go shopping for wedding bands. […]

6:17 pm May 5, 2014

Gold Wedding Rings That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

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It makes me incredibly happy to see that some customers buy gold wedding rings from us that I think are incredibly beautiful, but very often overlooked. I think that one of the problems that people face when browsing our site is that they become overwhelmed with the number of choices. Then again, maybe they are […]