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What Styles Of Wedding Rings Are Popular Now?

Wedding rings have different “styles” and wedding ring styles change periodically. For example, right after 911, there was a surge in weddings and both men and women embraced very “traditional” styles of wedding rings. The feeling at the time was that there was a desire or need to “get back” to the way that things use to be.
Even though wedding ring styles do not change as often as fashion, there are popular wedding ring styles and trends in 2009 and this article will explore some of these.

Women’s Rings

  • Alternative Gemstones: A huge trend on the wedding ring market is the replacement of classic diamonds with alternative gemstones. Many women now choose to have a gemstone that is special or significant to them placed on their rings instead of the traditional diamond; perhaps a birthstone or a gem of a favorite color may be used. Some gemstones also have interesting symbolism on their own, such as rubies. Sometimes called the “King of Gemstones,” rubies in particular are popular for their deep red hue-the color of the heart. In addition to simple matters of taste, many world-conscious consumers find that alternative gemstones are a unique way to state their opposition to “blood diamonds” that still exist on the market. Many jewelers have updated their 2009 stock to include a number of rings that feature colored stones rather than diamonds for just this reason; not only are buyers sure that they are buying “safe” stones, but in wearing these alternatively hued gems, they make a subtle social statement as well.
  • Eternity Bands: Eternity bands can be worn as either a wedding ring or an anniversary ring. These rings feature diamonds all the way around the band, and are considered symbols of everlasting love. Eternity rings have seen a resurgence in recent years due to their nostalgic nature.
  • Curved Bands & Enhancers: Many jewelers have started featuring wedding rings that curve to the shape of the engagement ring, or “nest” around it. These rings were widely available as parts of wedding ring sets or engagement ring sets, but the past few seasons have seen a whole sect of the bridal jewelry market dedicated to wedding bands that are designed to fit alongside certain stone shapes, regardless of where you buy the engagement band. This gives the wedding and engagement ring a cohesive, matched appearance that is both modern and slightly reminiscent of large, antique-style ring design.

Men’s Rings

  • Titanium & Tungsten: In light of the difficult economic times, the popularity of titanium and tungsten has sky-rocketed. Polished tungsten wedding rings will remain shining and scratch-free with daily use longer than any other metal on the market, and titanium wedding rings finished in a matte style are both beautiful and almost impossible to deal visible damage to. Both titanium wedding rings and tungsten wedding rings sell at a fraction of the cost of platinum wedding rings and even gold wedding rings. Combine their lower costs with their durability and it becomes easy to see why these two types of wedding rings are so popular now.
  • Hammered Rings: Simple, yet classy, hammered-style wedding rings are becoming more and more commonly seen and are very popular choices in 2009. These rings have a slightly rugged, pre-worn feel, and are less likely to show wear and scuffs because of their design. Like titanium and tungsten designs, this is additionally appealing because it helps to avoid the cost of frequent re-polishing or repair.
  • Tribal Rings: Another interesting design to gain in popularity is the tribal patterned wedding ring. Tribal designs-reminiscent of Polynesian and Tahitian style jewelry and body art-have long been fashionable on the tattoo market, but it is only in the past few years that these designs have crossed over into the wedding ring market. Especially popular with men, these rings are enjoyed for their strong, bold compositions and island-culture association, which lends a “vacation memento” feel to the tough times.

Universal Appeal

  • Square Bands: Rings that deviate from the norm are particularly in vogue right now, and square rings are one of a few new fashions to hit the market recently. These rings have rounded edges, but still display an obviously square character that sets them apart from standard round rings.
  • Mixed Metals: Wedding rings today are not only available in a wider range of metals than ever before seen, but some jewelers are even taking it one step further, offering beautiful rings made of more than one type of metal or more than one shade of metal. Bands have shown up this year with differently colored settings, or multiple shades of gold. Platinum bands with gold inlays or gold bands with platinum accents are particularly popular, as are rings being called “unity bands” with two tones of metal side by side “in unity.” Whatever the metals used, the side-by-side pairing serves to heighten the contrast and therefore enhance the beauty of the metal, as well as provide yet another alternative to simple one-color bands, a fact that has served to launch these rings into high demand this year.
  • Patterns: Also universally appealing in recent years are pattern rings, especially new and unique looks such as paisley, or designs with old-world charm, like Celtic knots.

Whether you choose one of these popular styles of wedding rings or not, it is easy to see that there are a number of choices available to you. For more information, head back over to https://www.weddingrings.net/education-center for even more options on finding the perfect ring.

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