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Wedding Rings for Your Career and Lifestyle

Before shopping for a wedding ring, we highly recommend that you consider your line of work and lifestyle. For example, a person who uses her/his hands on a very active and physical basis (e.g. an electrician, a carpenter, an A/V specialist, an IT worker, a chef, etc.) should choose a style that can stand the daily abuse that a wedding ring will be subjected to. However, people in other occupations will have other choices as they do not need to fear having their wedding rings scratched and/or have gemstones dulled or damaged.

Active Careers & Lifestyles

Many individuals who work with their hands or around heavy machinery need a simple and durable wedding band. For durability you should consider the following metals for their hardness, scratch resistance, and strength: tungsten, titanium and white gold.


Both tungsten and titanium wedding rings share one thing in common. If you work with your hands on a regular basis and find that your hands are constantly coming into contact with other objects and substances, the “scratch resistance” of these rings makes them the ideal choice for you. With the highest melting point and the lowest vapor pressure, tungsten is widely considered the strongest metal out there. This “tensile strength,” or inability to bend under high temperatures, makes tungsten an essential choice for those with active and hands-on careers. For better scratch resistance, jewelers often infuse carbon to increase pure tungsten’s regular hardness rating of 7.5 to 9.0.


Like tungsten, titanium can stand a lot of abuse. Of all metals, it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio and is the least resistant to corrosion. Titanium also benefits from being lightweight and hypo-allergenic. Although titanium has a lower tensile strength than tungsten in its pure form, some common alloys increase titanium’s temperature resistance significantly.

White Gold

To keep the attractive qualities of gold without sacrificing strength and durability, white gold is a nice alternative. Combined with other metals such as copper, silver or platinum, white gold can withstand resistance better than the average pure or low-karat gold. Although not particularly scratch resistant, jewelers can easily recoat a thin layer of metal to restore white gold.

For active careers, simplicity is a must for both safety and comfort. This is not to say that you need a wedding ring that lacks gemstones altogether. So long as the gemstones are inset and do not protrude outward, you can still have a bejeweled wedding ring.

You might want to avoid some wedding rings with gemstones that wrap around the perimeter of the ring as well. These can rub against your other fingers and cause a significant amount of discomfort if you’re lifting or doing heavy work each day. Whatever the ring, make sure you feel comfortable with the feel of the band before you purchase.

White Collar Careers

Regardless of whether you are a secretary, a data entry clerk, an attorney, a lawyer or work in any other white collar profession, your wedding rings choices are quite varied.

If you do not expose your hands to rough elements on a daily basis, you can wear just about any type of wedding ring. Are some types of wedding rings better suited to some white collar careers? We think so.

For example, for mothers and fathers who choose to stay at home, the right wedding ring can be very important. If you decide that you wish to have diamonds in your wedding ring, make sure to find a wedding ring that has gemstones set inside the ring rather than protruding outside the band. After all, you wouldn’t want to run the risk of your ring catching on clothing and scratching your child’s skin.

Gemstones such as rubies and sapphires may also serve you better than the often sharp-edged diamond. Because parenting is an active career, all the previously mentioned metal alternatives such as tungsten, titanium, and white gold apply as well.

If your personal appearance is a major factor in your career, you might want to consider purchasing a wedding ring with gemstones other than white diamonds.

Colored Diamonds

In their purest or “fancy” form, colored diamonds are far more precious than the average white diamond. In fact, white diamonds are not particularly rare compared to other stones. The world produces over sixty million carats of diamonds each year. What causes the increase in price is the heavy consumer demand for white diamonds. Some of the rarer and more expensive colored diamonds include yellow, pink and black.

Colored Sapphires

Outside traditional blue sapphires, there are some uniquely colored variations. Green, yellow, white, and black sapphires might be a unique way to add value and beauty to a particular ring. Rubies are also significantly rarer than the typical blue sapphire, and full carat rubies are both expensive and hard to find.

Ideally, a wedding ring can last a lifetime and be passed down to future generations. Adapting a ring to your particular lifestyle and considering its long-term value can prolong the future of your wedding ring. Whatever your career or interests: comfort, safety, and functionality should be the highest priorities for choosing the right ring.

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