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Do All Wedding Rings Fit the Same?

It is a fact that not all wedding rings fit the same. Considering that your ring will be on your finger for a long time to come, it’s best to bear in mind a few important factors regarding the fit of your wedding ring.

How to Size Your Ring

Ring sizing can be more complicated than you may expect. It is important to make note that ring size and finger size are not the same thing, and that ring sizing is done a bit differently depending on where you are in the world (an important consideration when you are ordering online). Also, the size of your finger may vary throughout the day, depending on temperature, work/activities, diet, etc. It is also important to note that some rings cannot ever be resized, so check with your jeweler or your ring’s manufacturer before you purchase, and gauge your size carefully. To avoid any problems or difficulties when choosing a ring, here are two basic methods to help you figure out what ring size is best for you.

Go to a jeweler: Professional jewelers can determine the appropriate size of a ring through use of “ring sizers,” which are steel gauge-rings that measure the width of your finger. Since your finger is subject to vary in size during daily activities, you may want to visit the jeweler a few times to have several measurements taken-this will help ensure absolute certainty that a ring properly fits.

Alternatively, some jewelers may use a mandrel, or tapered ring-measuring rod, to check the size of a well-fitting ring you already own. Some consider this a slightly less accurate form of measure, since well-worm rings can be bent or deteriorated in ways that make the measurement slightly “off,” but mandrels still offer another means of determining size.
As the buyer it is best to have an idea of your ring size, because jewelers’ methods may vary or be inaccurate depending on when and where you visit. This will help make sure you find the ring that best fits you.

Check it at home: A good strategy for measurement is to order a “ring sizer” online and check your size yourself. Ring sizers are usually made of plastic, fit around your finger, and one end inserts into the other, thus ensuring that you can wrap it around your finger as tightly or as loosely as you wish. They are fairly accurate.
Some experts suggest measuring your fingers at a few different times of the day as well as at the end of the day (because this is when they will be at their largest in diameter).
Using rings that already have been fitted is also an option and increases accuracy. It is best to find a ring that is slightly smaller than the second knuckle of your finger. This will ensure the ring is comfortable, but will securely remain in place on your finger.

A very popular method offered via e-tailers is a downloadable image that is a ring sizer. After you download the image, you cut out the ring sizer image, wrap the paper around your ring finger, and note the size that the ring sizer shows. This is not the most accurate way to measure your ring size and should only be used if you cannot obtain a ring sizer.

How Should my Ring Fit?

Your ring should be tight enough to pass over your knuckle, but loose enough to allow it to spin around your finger, and should not fly off if you shake your open hand (be careful when testing this one out). You want your ring to fit comfortably-after all, it’s going to be on you for a long time to come. A small degree of effort in removing your ring is acceptable, but it should not be so tight that it cuts off circulation or hurts your finger.

Comfort Fit Rings vs. “European Style” Rings

The base of your ring where it wraps around your finger is called the shank. A common trend in the European ring market is to design the shank of the ring so that it is slightly flattened out along the bottom, and therefore less likely to spin or turn on the hand. When European-shank rings first hit the American market, they were variously labeled “Euro-fit,” “Comfort Fit” and “European Style,” a fact that complicated terms slightly since “Comfort Fit” American rings are something altogether different.

American jewelers offering “comfort fit bands” will show you bands that have rounded interiors and edges. This adds to comfort by more easily fitting the natural shape of the hand. While sometimes “Comfort Fit” is used interchangeably to describe both European Fit and American Comfort Fit rings, there is in fact a difference. For clarity, the following images may help.

Image showing the difference between European Style wedding rings and American Style wedding rings.

As you can see, the European fit rings feature flattened bottom edges and sides to help the ring from spinning. This is especially helpful for rings with large or heavy stone settings. Comfort fit rings, meanwhile, are rounded along the interior edge, giving them a smoother, more form-fitting feel. As with most aspects of picking a ring out, it is best to try on your options in person to determine your own tastes. While not all rings fit the same, with a little research and some careful sizing, you can find a band that fits you both comfortably and securely.

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