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Sometimes celebrity wedding rings are so popular they change the face of wedding ring fashion. Intricate styles and unique custom settings adorn hundreds of celebrity-inspired wedding rings that are either exact duplicates or cheap imitations of the previous settings. Either way, wedding ring duplications are a growing market among jewelers and online websites. Here are just a few celebrities who’ve influenced wedding ring fashion today.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

With both the money and resources to choose extravagantly, many celebrities are now customizing their wedding rings to befit their unique lifestyles. Custom engraving and ornate designs are popular ways to add a personal touch to these rings. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s matching wedding bands are a fine example of the creativity stars can bring to wedding ring fashion. In an effort to create the perfect wedding ring, Brad Pitt presented his own custom design to Italian jeweler Silvia Damiani. What resulted are the famous Jennifer Aniston/ Brad Pitt wedding rings, both engraved with the names Jen 2000 and Brad 2000. Jennifer’s 18k white gold band features twenty inset diamonds encircling each side of the ring. Although Brad’s ring is stylistically simpler, it features a broader space of ten inset white diamonds. Unfortunately, these unique wedding rings gained notoriety as Brad Pitt became embroiled in a lawsuit against Silvia Damiani. According to reports, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston filed a 50 million dollar lawsuit against Damiani for replicating Pitt’s custom design. Sold online, the new Damiani rings featured the same 10/20 diamond design as Pitt’s prototype with diamonds costing $1000.00 a piece. The lawsuit was later settled in favor of Pitt and Aniston requiring that Damiani no longer use the design.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

When Jessica Simpson searched for the perfect wedding ring, she decided to go with something a little different. Customizing the traditional diamond setting, she opted for an 8 carat pear-cut diamond in the center with to adjoining diamonds along the sides of the ring. The result is a stunning combination of extravagance and class. Although Simpson’s marriage with Lachey did not last, Jessica Simpson still wears the unique wedding ring around her neck along with a family-owned cross. Jessica Simpson’s wedding ring became so popular, it is now sold in a variety of renditions today. Most of these cheaper replicas, featuring cubic zirconias on a sterling silver band, further exemplify the influence celebrities mark on wedding ring fashion.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

Some celebrities have such impressive engagement rings, that their wedding rings are comparatively simple. Inset diamond and platinum wedding rings are increasingly popular among celebrity couples today. Often times, engagement rings are used as a means to display wealth and luxury, while wedding rings focus reflect both the endurance and intimacy of a couple’s relationship. Such is the case with Katie Holmes’ famous Edwardian cut oval engagement ring and her elegantly simple white-gold wedding ring. Together, Holmes sports both an ornate and impressive wedding ring set that can be worn together. In order to offset the rather heavy and bombastic “Tomkat” engagement ring, Tom Cruise opted for a wedding ring inset with several white diamonds. Duplicates of both the famous “Tomkat” ring and Cartier wedding rings are now sold in cubic zirconium arrangements.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

Often times, celebrities give each other more than one wedding ring. On special occasions, celebrity couples often renew their sense of commitment by presenting yet another wedding ring to renew their mutual commitment. Kevin Federline’s additional wedding ring to Britney Spears is a good example of how the second time around is often better than the first. When it comes to ornate fashion, it’s hard to compete with Britney Spears’ $40,000.00 platinum wedding ring. Embellished with a string of diamonds along the circumference of the band as well as a large central diamond, this unique design stands out as a bold statement in wedding ring fashion. This is one of two wedding rings Spears owns from her brief marriage with dancer Kevin Federline. After her first pregnancy, Federline gave Spears another platinum wedding ring set with a 5.5 carat brilliant cut diamond with a Cynthia Wolff design.

Malena Knauss and Donald Trump

One of the most expensive wedding rings comes form Malena Knauss’ marriage to Donald Trump. Trump purchased the platinum ring to adorn a 1 million dollar natural D diamond center. Outside this rare and incredible stone are a series of tapered diamond baguettes along the side of the ring. Designed by the London Company Graff, this ring along with Trump’s own white diamond wedding band, are mere trinkets compared to their three million dollar wedding. These wedding rings are so valuable and ornate, even the zirconium replicas are sold between $600 to $800.

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