About Wedding Ring Sets

Wedding ring sets (or bridal sets) are sets of rings which include the engagement ring and matching wedding band, and sometimes even the groom’s ring. Bridal sets have long been available on the commercial jewelry market, but only recently seen a major resurgence in popularity. For a long while, most of these sets were meant to offer affordable and tasteful pairings of both the engagement and wedding ring, but were stifled by the limited range of designs that they were offered in. Because these sets were made so that they could be worm comfortably side by side, they frequently consisted of simplistic styles featuring a solitaire engagement ring and a band in a matching metal.

What’s new with wedding sets today?

While these classic forms are still out there, the range of fashions has increased dramatically to include spectacular curved bands and rings that nest within one another rather than side by side.

  • Enhancer-style wedding bands are simple, and rest up against the engagement ring, just beneath the diamond. These are most frequently seen with solitaire engagement rings, or where a simple, sleek look is desired.
  • Contour-style sets feature wedding bands that curve to echo the shape of the engagement ring. These sets often feature uniquely shaped or curvilinear engagement rings that would not rest flush against a simple enhancer band.
  • Scaffold-style sets are generally designed to allow the engagement ring to slide between two portions of the wedding band so that the wedding band supports and frames the engagement ring like scaffolding. These rings have a very cohesive design, and once they are slid into place can truly look like a single ring rather than two.

With all of these new options, it’s easy to get a little stymied by the idea of choosing between a wedding ring set and individual wedding/engagement bands, and there are advantages to choosing each.

Advantages to Buying Wedding Ring Sets

  • You are guaranteed that your engagement and wedding ring will match each other-no concerns about slightly different shades of yellow gold or different finishes of platinum.
  • Finding a set that you like may be a lot less work than finding both engagement and wedding rings that are not only appealing, but matching.
  • Complete bridal sets can frequently incorporate very unique designs and shapes, since the two bands are designed to fit each other-oftentimes the curve of an engagement ring is beautifully echoed by the matching wedding band, something almost impossible to do without having to create custom bands in the case of certain engagement rings that are purchased singly.
  • Often these sets come at a very fair price since you purchase two rings at once.
  • Since both rings come from the same jeweler, insurance and cleaning are generally easier to go about.
  • Jewelers often offer great incentives for buying both rings at their location as part of a set.

Advantages to Buying Single Rings

  • Not every wedding or engagement ring comes as a part of a set-this means that if you find “the perfect ring,” it may be impossible to find that same ring with a pre-fabricated band that matches. This is also true of antique or heirloom rings, which obviously are one-of-a-kind.
  • Buying single rings means a much wider selection of metals, gems, and styles.
  • There are often more customization options when purchasing single engagement and wedding rings.
  • It is especially difficult to find bridal sets that include the groom’s ring, so single ring purchases allow more freedom of choice here as well-especially regarding titanium and tungsten men’s rings (which are not often seen in engagement ring sets).

What to do?

Really, as with all aspects of choosing your wedding ring, it all comes down to one important feature: you! Not everyone will find that perfect wedding ring set, and for those people, buying rings singly may be the best way to go. But if you’re looking for an elegant set of rings that are literally made for each other, wedding ring sets might be right for you. It’s all a matter of looking around, checking prices, and finding the ring (or rings) that suit you best.

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