About Us

WeddingRings.net was created back in 2003. Unlike other jewelry websites, the idea was to create a website that specialized in wedding bands. Our goal was to be known as the preferred online provider of wedding jewelry.

We are a family run business with very strong ties to some of the largest wedding ring factories. Currently, we are only working with USA based factories. We very strongly believe in the idea of “Made in the USA”, thus we will continue to only offer rings that are made in the USA until we feel that we can no longer source the highest quality from USA manufacturers. We hope this day will not come.

As we are family run, everyone belonging to WeddingRings.net has an active part in the day to day operations. On a daily basis, we are revising our inventory, re-photographing rings, providing new information, and doing so much more. Because we are a small business, we have an extremely low overhead. This means that we are able to keep our markups quite minimal compared to our competitors and we are happy to pass on the savings to you.

What’s the future for WeddingRings.net? We are working at the moment to add new designers to our existing collection of wedding rings and wedding bands on our site. After negotiating with one of the USA’s top designer/manufacturers, we will be offering a very high-end designer line of wedding rings. This will represent a bit of a departure for us as these rings will carry a higher price tag than the average wedding ring. However, the quality of these rings is far superior to the rings available on other websites; we think that our customers will respond very positively this new line. Due to our relationship with this manufacturer, we can now offer the same quality, and better, as the wedding rings offered by such well known designers as Tacori, Verragio, and others.

The presentation of our womens wedding rings, men’s wedding rings and wedding ring sets will be changing in the very near future. These changes include views of our rings with multiple angles, 360 degree rotations, and other images to give you the most realistic portrayal of wedding rings available in any jewelry website.

Thank you for visiting WeddingRings.net!