The Best Place in Staten Island to Buy Wedding Rings

You will be surprised to hear this but the best place to buy wedding rings and wedding bands on Staten Island is NOT any jewelry store and it is not one of the stores located in the Staten Island Mall. It is from the people at is owned and managed by Dan Globus of Great Kills, Staten Island. Dan has been involved in the jewelry industry since 1997 and first started using back in 2001.

Prior to 2015, if you wanted to purchase a wedding ring from, you were only able to do this online. Now, is offering a personalized service to the residents of Staten Island.

If you live on Staten Island and would like to purchase any of the rings that are featured in our Unisex Wedding Rings section, these can be hand delivered to your home (or just about any place of your choosing).

“I have decided to offer this service as I live on Staten Island and would like to give Staten Islanders a premium service that is typically only found in Manhattan and in select cities outside of New York. Staten Islanders deserve the best!”

By delivering rings by hand, Dan says there are distinct advantages.

“The rings in our Unisex Wedding Rings section are Tungsten and Titanium rings. Even though these types of rings have been around for well over a decade, many people are still unfamiliar with them. By sitting with people, I can show them in person the unique qualities of these rings.”

Dan also points out that most jewelers use ring sizers and must order their rings from various vendors. When the rings arrive, only then will the customer know if the ring they ordered will actually fit properly and also be able to see for themselves how the ring looks on their finger. What happens if the ring doesn’t fit properly or if they don’t like how the ring looks on their finger? What will they do?

“When I hand deliver my rings, I can bring multiple sizes and also various styles for couples to try on. They will be able to purchase on the spot the ring that visually appeals to them the most and also fits correctly. There is no guessing about how the ring will look and fit. And if the bride/groom either gains or loses weight right before the wedding, I can immediately replace their originally purchased ring(s) with a new ring at no extra cost.”

All rings from the Unisex section come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. If any ring purchased from this category becomes scratched, dented, chipped, cracked, discolored, or if any ring no longer fits the way it did when purchased, simply return the ring and will replacement it absolutely free of charge.

“Each ring that we offer in this category has specific advantages. We have white tungsten wedding rings. These rings have the appearance of platinum but actually appear brighter to the naked eye than platinum. In addition to the incredible high gloss shine, these rings are nearly scratch, chip, and dent proof and are extremely difficult to crack. We also sell titanium wedding rings. Titanium is known for being very light in weight but also extremely strong. Both types of rings can take just about any abuse thrown at them and the tungsten rings are the ideal rings for anyone who works with their hands every day but wants a beautiful ring to wear at night.”

To order your wedding rings for delivery on Staten Island, please call Dan at 1.347.770.7718 or e-mail us. Please shop our great line of unisex wedding rings.

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