9:12 pm December 23, 2014

Christian Wedding Rings You Will Love

2018-04-02T18:49:22+00:00December 23, 2014|

Many Christian couples choose beautiful Christian wedding rings designed with religious symbols such as the cross or fish. Sometimes, these rings come decorated with diamonds or other precious stones and are crafted in a wide variety of styles. They might also include designs of doves or other religious images.

Whenever you look at your ring, you […]

3:03 pm December 5, 2014

Take 25% Off Your Wedding Ring Purchase Until January 1, 2015

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Purchase any ring(s) from our Unisex Wedding Rings section and take 25% off the purchase price with coupon code LOVE. The total purchase must be at least $150. You can apply this discount to any one, two or more rings. This offer is valid until January 1, 2015 only.